The fee for weekly 45 min. lessons is $75 per month. Some additional investment may be required for instruments, music and/or other materials. Please talk to the individual teacher to find out more.

For families with more than one student enrolled, lessons for the second student cost $55; for each additional student, only $40.

Group lessons (2-3 like instruments) also are available for 60 mins., with each participant paying $75. Students interested in this option are responsible to find their own fellow participant(s).

A one-time fee of $25 (per family) must be submitted with registration. In return, each student will receive a three-ring binder and an attractive messenger bag in which to keep music and other necessary items. (Students in the Kids on the Move! classes are exempt from this fee and will not receive a messenger bag.)

A limited number of scholarships are available based on financial need and the desire and commitment of the student. The scholarship will cover $55.00 of the monthly $75.00 lesson fee with the student responsible for the remaining $20.00. Consistent and timely lesson attendance and regular practice will be required. Download the scholarship application here.

Don´t let the cost of lessons be the deciding factor. If you or your child is interested in participating, but the cost seems daunting, talk to us, and we´ll see what we can work out.